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What does Industry need?

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Industry needs Electrical Engineers who understand electronic fundamentals. These video clips provide those fundamentals.

When I interview Electrical Engineering students, I ask them basic electronic questions such as:  1) Sketch an Op Amp with a gain of ten, and 2) What is the difference between a BJT and FET transistor.

A majority of EE students do not know.

Those who do know, make it to a second interview.  I ask questions such as: 3) What is capacitor ESR, 4) What is slew rate vs. bandwidth, 5) What language do you use for programming a microcontroller.

The few who make it through these questions are commonly invited to visit the company for a third round of interviews.

Knowing electronic fundamentals does not guarantee an electronic design engineer job.  But it increases the odds.

In addition, for those who understand electronic fundamentals and produce results, the odds are increased they will be promoted and assigned challenging projects.

The contents strive to be clear and concise. The intent is to prepare Electrical Engineering students for the world of electronics.

These video clips are based on many years of electronic design experience.

They start at a middle school grade level. They end at a college student level.

Chapter 1
Electronic Basics

Chapter 2
Analog Passive Components

Chapter 3
Analog Discrete Active Components

Chapter 4
Analog Microcircuit Active Components

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility)

Chapter 7
Important Electronic Details

Chapter 8
Electronic Documentation

Chapter 9
Electronic Tests

Chapter 10
Electronic Manufacturing

Chapter 11
Electronic Synopsis

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