— Section 2 Video Clips —

Analog Passive Components

2.1 Component Physical Packages
--- PTH, pin thru hole, SMT, surface mount technology, PCB, printed circuit board, fiberglass, solder ---

2.2 Resistor Parameters
--- ohms, value, accuracy, tolerance, power rating, temperature coefficient, material composition, decade multiples ---

2.3 Parallel and Series Resistors
--- equations, voltage dividers, split current, mA, milliamps ---

2.4 Capacitors (DC)
--- direct current, farads, micro, nano, pico, equations, voltage charge rate, voltage rise time, time t = 0 ---

2.5 Capacitor Parameters
--- value, material composition, dialectric, accuracy, tolerance, voltage rating, derating, voltage polarization, equivalent series resistance, ESR, ceramic, tantalum, metal film, paper, mylar film, aluminum, electrolytic, c0g, np0, npo, x7r, x5r, z5u, y5v, class 1, class 2, datasheets ---

2.6 Parallel and Series Capacitors
--- equivalent series resistance, ESR, noise reduction, bypass caps, RC filters, tantalum, ceramic ---

2.7 Capacitors (AC) RC Filter
--- alternating current, resist voltage changes, capacitive reactance, value size, frequency, amplitude, phase, low pass filter, equations, cutoff frequency, corner frequency, break frequency, Bode plots, -3 dB, -20 dB, -6 dB, phase shift ---

2.8 Cascade RC Filters
--- SPICE models, Bode plots, double cascade, op amp, trial and error, trade-offs ---

2.9 Inductors (DC)
--- direct current, resist current changes, henries, henry, milli, micro, equations, current change rate, material composition ---

2.10 Inductors (AC) RL Filters
--- chokes, restrict current flow, separate frequencies, RL filter cutoff frequency equation, phase shift ---

2.11 Impedance
--- resistant to voltage changes and current changes, amplitude changes and phase changes ---

2.12 Crystals
--- constant precise frequency, wireless, wired communication, watches clocks, resonators, oscillators, kilohertz, megahertz ---

2.13 Fuses
--- disrupt current flow, soldering, resettable fuse ---

2.14 Transformers
--- electricity, step up, step down, closely coupled inductors, AC current, magnetic field, primary, secondary windings, losses, generating stations, high voltage transmission lines, substations, 120 / 240 V volts ---

2.15 Common Mode Chokes
--- highly coupled 1:1 transformer, attenuates electronic noise, EMC, allows AC when current in equals current out, allows communication ---

2.16 Hall Sensors
--- detects stationary magnets / magnetic fields, location and distance, proximity, positioning, current sensing, speed detection ---


— Section 4 Video Clips —

Analog Microcircuit Active Components

4.1 Comparators
--- compares voltages, IC, integrated circuit, powered by positive / negative voltages / ground, hysteresis, open drain / collector ---

4.2 Op Amps
--- positive gain, negative gain, unity gain, input offset voltage, input bias current, bandwidth, slew rate, trade-offs ---

4.3 Op Amp Offset
--- offset voltage, positive gain / offset, negative gain / offset, AC voltage input / offset ---

4.4 Variable Gain and Variable Offset Op Amp
--- digital potentiometers, micros, microprocessors, micro processors, microcontrollers, micro controllers, controlled gain / offset ---

4.5 Differential Op Amp
--- differential input, increased signal amplification, reduced noise amplification ---

4.6 Differential Input and Differential Output Op Amp
--- PCB to PCB signals, noisy ground ---

4.7 Differential Input and Differential Output Op Amp Filtering
--- differential filter, differential output RC filter, differential gain resistor RC filter ---

4.8 Rail-to-Rail Op Amps
--- approach power voltages, inaccuracies ---

4.9 Constant Current / Voltage
--- resistor bridges, pressure sensors ---

4.10 Instrumentation Amps
--- CMRR, common mode rejection, 20 log, differential input amplifier ---

4.11 Voltage Regulators
--- linear regulator, switching regulator, LDO, low dropout drop out, positive to negative voltages, dual double voltage output, power efficiency, power in, power out, low battery current, noisy power supply ---

4.12 Voltage References
--- accurate, little noise, stable over temperature, ADCs, ADC's, DACs, DAC's, analog electronics ---

4.13 Voltage Supervisors
--- monitor power supply voltages, watchdog watch dog timers, digital pulses, thresholds, reset micros, microprocessors, microcontrollers ---