Industry needs Electrical Engineers (EEs) who understand basic electronic fundamentals, are quick learners (technology changes), and have good people skills.

"Electronics is Easy?" covers basic fundamentals for Electronic Design, Test, Manufacturing, Application, Support, Sales, Marketing, and System Engineers.

The contents strive to be clear and concise. The intent is to prepare EE students for the world of electronics

This book covers details essential for electronics in industry. A solid

What does industry need?

understanding of electronic fundamentals is crucial for all electronic products.

The book was reviewed by engineers in the electronics industry. The reviewers work in a variety of companies including Texas Instruments, Emerson, John Deere, Intuitive Surgical, Kimmel Gerke Associates, Maxim, Lorenz Sales, Medtronic, Qualcomm, Linear Technology, Allegro MicroSystems, and Spectrum Software.

SPICE models are an exceptional resource to assist with electronic design. A clear understanding of


electronic fundamentals makes them easy to use. These models provide insight into the trade-offs for different components and a solid understanding of how to improve the design.

A wide range of topics, ranging from design and documentation to test and manufacturing, are covered by the book. Understanding the contents of this book increases the odds of electronic products that perform as required.

This book covers the foundation. There is more to know to be truly proficient.

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